Legal Battle with the SEC: Binance.US Isn’t Giving Up the Fight

Legal Battle with the SEC Binance.US Isn't Giving Up the Fight

Is Binance.US Ready for a Legal Battle with the SEC?

Is Binance.US Ready for a Legal Battle with the SEC?

The US division of the international cryptocurrency exchange Binance, known as Binance.US, is preparing for court cases against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Binance.US has indicated that it is prepared for a prolonged period of court discovery, per the X post. The SEC has accused the following:

  • Providing unregistered investment products
  • Violating securities laws
  • Breaking anti-fraud regulations

Binance.US declared that it would abide by American laws and regulations and that it was founded with the “express purpose of serving” American clients.

We maintain 1:1 reserves for all customer assets and have robust compliance and risk programs which ensure the safety, security, and integrity of our platform.


Binance.US: SEC Lacks Evidence of Misconduct After 11-Month Discovery

The cryptocurrency exchange expressed disapproval of the SEC’s regulatory strategy, characterizing the federal body as an enforcement-based regulator. Binance.US further said that the current administration, headed by Chair Gary Gensler, was taking politically motivated measures to cause the firm’s difficulties.

Asserting that the SEC has not yet found any proof of Binance.US’s misconduct, Binance.US expressed confidence in its legal standing. After an 11-month discovery process, Binance.US declared that neither the law nor the facts supported the SEC’s argument. In spite of its confidence, the firm was unable to persuade a U.S. judge to dismiss the majority of the SEC’s allegations against it in a court filing dated June 28.

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